Little Legends Nursery
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Overall Aims

We believe in strong foundations - At Little Legends we believe that during early childhood children are capable and eager to learn. We believe that children develop through access to positive, nurturing relationships and high quality planned environments where children can play, explore, create and grow. We believe that high quality experiences during the early years allow children to develop the skills of confidence, independence and resilience that they need as a foundation to underpin a life time of learning and achievement.

We believe that every child is unique - At Little Legends we believe that children's care and learning is enhanced when skilful practitioners work with parents to listen, understand and respect each child as an individual. Our curriculum plans, care and routines are adapted to be responsive to children's individual needs, requirements and interests, helping every child to be happy, engaged, and confident whilst they play, learn and grow. At Little Legends we celebrate the diversity of British society, welcoming all children and families and providing positive care and learning experiences that promote mutual respect and tolerance towards others. At Little Legends we work alongside other professionals and services to support and enhance children's individual and unique learning and development needs.

We believe in positive relationships - At Little Legends we recognise that children develop happy relationships, confidence and independence by having a stable base, good attachments and positive role models in their life. We understand, therefore, when family, parents or regular carers are not there, how important it is that your child feels secure and happy. At Little Legends each child will have a stable and consistent key person who will aim to work with families to understand their key child's needs, requirements and interests. The key person will, alongside other nursery practitioners, provide your child with a stable base and the emotional support and reassurance they may need to continue to grow and develop into happy, healthy and confident little people, whilst at nursery.

We believe in enabling environments - At Little Legends we understand that children learn best when they are provided with a rich and varied environment full of interesting items and activities that spark their curiosity to find out more. Each room and play space, indoors and outdoors, is well resourced and planned out to provide continuous learning and development opportunities. From calming and relaxing, to challenging and dynamic our experienced staff team use their deep understanding of child development and their knowledge and understanding of the children in their group to plan an environment that is engaging, supports childrens interests and enables their ongoing learning and development.