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Assessment and planning

Your child's progress will be reviewed frequently by their key person with a full developmental check completed between 2 and 3 years.

Assessments of learning are based on on-gong discrete observation of your child's emerging skills and interests during play, your child won't be tested formally on any of the early learning outcomes. The EYFS allows practitioners to plan activities that support children to work towards the 'early learning goals', which can be found in the early years framework.

Your child's key person will use their observations to identify your child's current level of learning and development and their interests. These observations will be used to plan playful activities and experiences that will engage your child, strengthening and deepening their learning. Your child will mostly be taught through planned, purposeful play experiences.

More information is available in the parent's guide to the EYFS, 'What to Expect When'.

At Little Legends we use a digital assessment and planning system called Learning Book. Click here for more information