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Learning book /
Learning journey

The Learning Book program provides every child with a secure digital learning journey record. Nursery practitioners can capture observations quickly in play using digital imaging and short notes to inform future plans for the child's learning. As this method is quick and easy it ensures that nursery practitioners spend less time on paperwork and more time engaged in the important business of play. This method also enables parents and carers a greater level of involvement in the process, as observations can be forwards to you, allowing your comments and ideas to be included within the record.

About Learning Book

"At Learning Book we strive to make the art of learning journeys quicker, simpler and more useful for staff and we are determined to transform how parents engage and interact with their child's early years learning.

We inspire and support both staff and parents throughout their children's early years using technology that has useful features and is safeguarding-aware. Smart and safe is our philosophy."

"Learning Book was the first provider to offer Safeguarding-aware Digital Learning Journeys. Formed in 2012 by head teachers, Ofsted outstanding nursery providers and ex-corporate IT professionals, it's inception was grounded on a strong philosophy of making observation recording and tracking in schools and nurseries quicker, simpler and safer. Based on tried and trusted technologies, Learning Book has developed a professional, feature-rich digital approach to learning journeys, underpinned by service levels that redefine the early years sector."

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